Preparing Your House for Sale

Preparing your home for sale

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Is Your House Ready to be put on the Market? As an experienced Listing Agent & CRS® –  a Certified Residential Specialist in Las Vegas, Nevada, I can help you with getting your house ready for successful sale in order to optimize maximum return & equity. Chose me because I’m the best at what I do, which is to sell your home quickly and profitably. But remember: Your relation with me as your Certified Residential Specialist is a partnership. While I market your property & screen potential Buyers, it’s up to you to give your home a simple, inexpensive sprucing up that go a long way toward a speedy sale. With that in mind, here are some helpful hints & tips gathered from top producing agents like me across the country and customized for Las Vegas Valley Home Sellers. I hope you find it useful!

Before the Showings Begin 

Hint: First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

The Exterior of your home often determines how buyers will view the interior, so:

— Make sure your house front entrance is clean and inviting.

— Paint or replace your front door if it’s faded or worn.

— Inspect your HVAC system; report or replace if malfunctioning. This could be a serious issue for a buyer to obtain financing, especially if they using FHA, VA or any other federally insured loan but not limited to conventional financing.

— Polish or Refinish the Driveway and the garage floors if worn out. Clean, polished, shiny and free of stains outside surfaces are a huge attraction to your curb appeal.

— Touch up areas that need attention or paint the entire exterior of the house to make it look fresh and new.

— Check the roof and repair if necessary. Roofs that are not in proper condition can cause problems with banks issuing financing.

— Replace or repair any broken windows or exposed wood; FHA and VA insured loans could refuse to finance buyers due to that so you could lose a great offer.

Hint: Beauty in the Eyes of the Buyers

Buyers often see the surface condition of your home as a sign of what’s underneath. Try to see your home with a fresh perspective, think as your were the buyer, so:

— Fresh Paint your house in neutral semi-gloss colors, paint baseboards and ceiling white to freshen up the look and smell.

— Keep windows, counters and floors clean and clear.

— Clear bathroom counter tops free from all personal items, such as tooth paste/tooth brushes, towels, lotions, etc.

— Remove personal area rugs and keep floors uncovered and clean.

— Steam clean carpeting or replace it if necessary; polish tile, wood or laminate flooring.

— Repair loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, broken light switches and other minor flaws.

— Reseal and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers.

— Replace or repair any broken window covering.

— Remove all unnecessary clutter from house to better display spacious rooms; the less is more!

— Arrange all your rooms neatly and remove excess furniture & personal items; again, less is better!

— Place decorative clean towels in the bathrooms, neutral paintings or photographs in frames on the walls, place fresh flowers in the kitchen.

— Use candles and or air fresheners to make the room smell pleasant.

Hint: Put Your Home in the Best Light

Strategically lighting your home, even during the daytime showing, can create a cozy mood and highlight positive attributes of each room, so:

— Avoid the use that makes rooms look dark and lifeless; Use floor lamps or ceiling fan lamps in all room.

— Be creative and arrange lamps to help smaller rooms seem larger and larger rooms seem more intimate.

— Use lighting to highlight the “living areas” of your home, such as a pair of chairs near a fire place, or a table in a breakfast area.


After the Showings Begin

Hint:  Leave the Selling to the Professional 

Buyers often feel uncomfortable in the presence of a homesowner, so:

—- Try not to be present during showings.

—- If you are home, never apologize for the appearance of your house. Try to be helpful, point out best features of your home to the buyers & stay out of their way.

—- Only your Realtor should discuss any objections and subjects like price, terms, position and other factors with buyers.

Hint:  Keep the Disturbances Down

Potential Homebuyers have a lot to take in, so minimize the distractions.

—- Pipe in classical, jazz or soft music, but keep the volume low.

—- Turn off the ringer on your phones during showings.

—- Keep dogs, litter boxes and feeding dishes out of the house.

Hint:  Create a Positive Atmosphere

A buyer tries to picture themselves and their family living in your home, so:

—- Create a pleasant aroma by baking cookies, or placing cornmeal in a pie plate in a warm oven on the day of showing.

—- Keep the heat or air conditioner at comfortable levels.

—- If you have fireplace or outdoor fire pit, light it during winter time showings.

—- Place vase with fresh flowers in the center of dining room table or counter.

Hint:  Have Records Available

—- Even if  buyer doesn’t study them, having records available can make it very clear you are conscientious proud homeowner and have nothing to hide.

—- Have copies of your gas, electric and water bills from the last 12 months available.

—- Be ready to show all home repair and improvement bills.

And remember, you can always contact me for more personalized advised to help you stage your house to sell. I’m experienced Realtor, CRS and I will help you to get your house ready for successful profitable sale. Sincerely,

Tatiana Moody REALTOR®, CRS®, GREEN®, e-PRO®

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